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Katie, Episode Four: Touch

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Katie, Episode Four: Touch

Miss Kaneda
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  • The newest chapter in Katie and Eric's continuing saga!
  • Bare skin, hands, touching, teasing, casual torment!
  • Eric crumbles before his powerful giantess owner!
  • 27 pages of intense story and detailed illustration!

“I thought you liked my touch?”

Another day of horrid death and violence surrounds Eric, but once again he’s left to a night of fitful sleep and given the chance to face a new morning as Katie’s special toy. He’s starting to lose count of the people who’ve been smashed and torn apart in the sadistic giantess’s hands or crushed to ugly smears beneath her feet. He’s beaten, dehydrated, exhausted, constantly balancing on a tightrope of service and appeasement, desperate to survive at any cost, but how long can he keep it up? The wicked girl dumps him from his box and idly toys with his little body, but even at her gentlest, Katie pushes Eric ever closer to his imminent breaking point.

It was morning.

Another day passes, and again Eric faces the reality of survival. The strain, the death, the sights and sounds, the screams and the squelching and the gore–existence in Katie’s world is breaking Eric down. After a brief, restless night, he’s thrown right back into her dreadful, deadly presence. He lands atop her soft, warm stomach and looks into her huge eyes, meeting her disinterested gaze as her massive hand stretches towards him…

Will she use him for some idle amusement to simply start her day? Is this the beginning of a some new twisted game, or the start of some fresh, wicked torture she’s invented to amuse and satisfy her wicked whims?

“Please, don’t! Please, oh please…”

Such a simple and meager protest compared to the cries of all the squished people Eric’s seen destroyed for Katie’s fun, but the instant the words slip past Eric’s lips, he’s filled with dreadful, fearful regret. He tries so hard to keep the giantess content and pleased with him, and he knows exactly how easily she can and will end his life the instant she decides that crushing him would be more fun than keeping him.

His resistance is pathetic in its own right, but the fact that Eric’s shown even the slightest trace of resistance horrifies him. Katie is displeased. And any Little who displeases Katie quickly dies for their mistakes.

“You know I don’t give a shit about you, right?”

Maybe the way she’d spared him again and again let him think something else, but Eric has to remember that in Katie’s eyes, he’s just a thing. There’s any number of tiny toys just like him that she can take and use however she desires, and only simple chance and the vicious girl’s amusement have kept him from becoming a pulverized wet mess.

He lands awkwardly on her floor, too broken to do anything but stare as the giantess pushes herself up and sets her massive, menacing bare feet next to him. He’s out of excuses, out of reasons for Katie to spare him. There’s nothing he can do to sway her, to convince her that his life has meaning, and all that’s left is the desperate hope that she might find something more entertaining to do than slowly crush the life out of him beneath her foot.

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